Privacy Policy

PENGLYFE LEGAL DISCLAIMER [Effective as of January 1, 2021]


This privacy policy is intended to support a safe and rewarding educational experience for all users of Penglyfe. It details our practices related to the collection, storage and use of your personal information. As a Club Penguin private server, Penglyfe is sincerely committed to your safety. Please note that in light of past events associated with Club Penguin private servers and the malicious use of personal information stored therein, we take extra care to ensure that your personal information is never misappropriated, used in a way that could expose users to harm, or in otherwise inappropriate ways.

§ 2(1) — Information we collect

We may automatically collect users’ IP addresses or other unique identifiers, browser and computer type, access time(s), originating webpages, next URLs, web page(s) accessed during the user’s visit, and interaction with our services. We may also collect users’ communications in the form of chat logs, even if those chat logs are not available to all users and are only available to the owner and staff members. Users may provide us with e-mail addresses, unique usernames, passwords, an IP addresses. This information may be required to provide our services.

§ 2(2) — How information is used

We do not use your information for any purposes other than to offer our services, to offer users technical support, to improve our services, to determine whether a user has breached the terms of use, and to send users communications related to their use of our services and any important updates to our policies. We will never use your information for any malicious purpose.

§ 2(3) — How information is stored and shared

The information we collect is stored with us indefinitely. User-specific information may be removed if there has been no interaction from a particular user. We do not sell any information collected by us and will not disclose it to anyone except in the event that we are legally obligated to do so such as in the case of a court order, subpoena or search warrant, or in the event that we believe it necessary to investigate a user’s engagement, alleged engagement, or potential engagement in significant harm to others, illegal activities, significant abuses of our services, or breaches of our terms of use.

§ 2(4) — Security measures

Penglyfe has made sure to implement advanced physical and electronic security measures along with appropriate care on the part of its owners and staff members to help protect users. Access to your information is limited to those who may require access for the particular purposes discussed in this policy. Other users who are not owners or staff members are not allowed access to any user’s personal information other than their own information. However, while we strive to protect you, we, nor any online site, can guarantee 100% security. In the event of any breach, Penglyfe shall promptly assess the risk to users’ rights.

§ 2(5) — Safety guidelines

Club Penguin private servers can be educational and fun, but also dangerous. We recommend that you do not share personal information such as your full legal name, your municipal address, your IP address, your place of employment, and especially any photos or videos of yourself. Once information is transmitted anywhere online, the sender effectively loses control over what can be done with that information. If you do feel it necessary to share this kind of information, only share it with people you trust and in such a way that others will not have easy access to the information.

PLEASE NOTE: Following any links sent to you in private messages or through any of the channels in our Discord server is done entirely at your own discretion and we are not responsible for any resulting harm.

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